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    user4828551468492 9 months

    nice thanks !!!

    user1187040354506 9 months

    Yo I made a song with this sample check it on Soundcloud: TCivs its called NIGHTMARE$ thank

    xneinx 9 months

    lose yourself chords

    user1224113458724 8 months

    sounds like mighty healthy from ghostface killah that has been sampled a billion times

    Kazukito 8 months

    Hey bro, how can i contact to you? I just made a song with your loop and I wanted to share it with you, hope you read this!

    user4817468034193 8 months

    sick! I made my second beat ever with this one and I love it

    user4817468034193 8 months


    user3596650249017 7 months

    The Sylvers - Wish that i could talk to you

    user1644191960562 7 months

    Kush Ups - Snoop & Wiz

    user2550482495285 7 months

    what key is this in



    user4747755478078 5 months

    unfinished beat I made with this melody https://soundcloud.com/free14/unfinished-2

    user4523105738989 about 2 months

    daaaammmmm this beat nice my g making a banger