Standard License

This is a legal agreement between you, the Downloader, and the Licensor. Downloading of any sound/sample (Licensed Material), constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

Grant of rights

The standard license grants you, the Downloader, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Licensed Material.

The Licensed Material is permitted to be used:

  • For any personal, commercial, editorial or client purpose
  • In an altered or otherwise modified or manipulated way
  • The Licensed Material may be reproduced in:

    • Music
    • Film
    • Video
    • Advertisements
    • Presentations
    • Online content
    • Computer games
    • Multimedia projects
    • Smartphone and desktop apps


All ownership and copyright of the Licensed Material remain the property of licensor. The licensed Material is not being sold, but provided to the downloader under the terms of this agreement.

The Licensed Material or any derivative work based on the Licensed Material may not be directly or indirectly licensed, sublicensed, sold, resold or redistributed alone - even for free.

The Licensed Material may not be placed:

  • On any website in a complete or archived downloadable format
  • On any electronic bulletin board or downloadable format
  • In a way that enables it to be distributed in any other way

The Licensed Material may not be:

  • Sold or redistributed as part of a sample pack
  • Included in work intended to be reproduced by third party for example in a music production template
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