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    Louie the g 4 months


    ♱ rʌge ♱ 6 months

    Is it just me or r u the most popular on samplefocus

    puppet str.ngs 6 months

    @『pxseidvn』 lmao I appreciate you thinking that

    ♱ rʌge ♱ 6 months

    Np :) nice music

    ♱ rʌge ♱ 5 months

    Yooo where do you get your phonk samples? I been making phonk lately and incant find the raps.

    puppet str.ngs 5 months

    @lvst nxght try searching for Memphis Acapellas on YouTube. A lot of the vocal samples I uploaded in my most recent collection are from "Everything Is Bizznez" You can find breaks in certain songs where they are rapping acapella, and clip those certain breaks to your benefit. Use a "Youtube Link to MP3" converter to get them as audio files :)

    Louie the g 4 months

    Is this gunna get me coyrighted? Love your samples by the way

    puppet str.ngs 4 months

    @Louie the g Nope, you should be all good to go :)

    Chris DaCruz 3 months

    This finna be the intro on my LP thx really appreciate it 💯

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