How Xpand!2 is still relevant in 2024 (And Why FL Studio Users Love it)

Xpand!2 review: Why FL Studio users still consider it a favorite in 2024. Explore its versatility, integration, pros, and cons.

How Xpand!2 is still relevant in 2024 (And Why FL Studio Users Love it)

Xpand!2 is a solid plugin. We are telling you right off the bat. There's a reason beat makers still consider it a go to plugin. While it’s a staple in many producers' toolkits, others might only pull it out for special occasions.

It's got a wide range of sounds: orchestral, drums, pads, you name it. While it's not perfect, its flaws aren't deal-breakers. Some producers see it as essential; others, more as a nice-to-have. Either way, it's got value.

Let’s not forget, when Drake’s producer credits Xpand!2 for shaping the sound of hit tracks. From "Successful" to "Marvin’s Room," the plugin’s presets have laid the foundation for tracks that top playlists.

That's a sign there’s something about this plugin.

Let’s figure it out.

A Little Intro to Xpand!2

At first glance, Xpand!2 seems like your typical plugin, boasting a plethora of core sounds that range from orchestral to drums, and from stringed instruments to loops. Its versatility is its charm, offering a smorgasbord of sounds for producers to tinker with. And the best part? Its price tag swings from absolutely free to a modest $99, depending on the deal you get.

The Xpand!2 Software Synthesizer VST Plugin is used by music producers across genres. It offers various sounds that cater to everything from Trap and Hip-Hop to EDM, Pop, and House. This versatility makes it a go-to solution for those seeking to keep a wide option of styles open – without investing in multiple plugins or instruments.

It remains a valuable tool due to its affordability, versatility, and user-friendly interface. Boasting two independent effect processors with 50 studio-grade effects like reverbs and Chaos Delay, it offers precise control with automatic edit knob adjustments based on effect selection. Additionally, its capability to feed FX1 output into FX2 input enables advanced "cascade-style" effects creation.

Features and Flexibility

Xpand!2 shines with its four-part, multi-timbral workstation, offering thousands of sounds that span a broad sonic spectrum. The plugin's strength lies in its simplicity combined with depth; it allows for the layering of up to four basic sounds, enabling the creation of unique, custom tones. This, coupled with its array of effects, arpeggiators, and sound-generation techniques, presents a nearly limitless potential for sonic exploration.

The smart knobs provide an intuitive way to shape sounds, making it accessible even for those with minimal sound design experience.

This ease of use does not compromise its power; the comprehensive control over ADSR, cutoff, and fine-tune parameters ensures that professionals can fine-tune sounds to their exact specifications.

Integration and Performance

One of Xpand!2's notable advantages is its compatibility with major DAWs, thanks to its availability as an AudioUnit (AU) and VST plugin. This broad compatibility, along with its efficient CPU usage, ensures that it integrates smoothly into various production workflows without hindering performance.

Community and Industry Recognition

The plugin not only has a dedicated user base but also earned a spot in the production of hit songs by notable artists, showcasing its capability to deliver professional-grade sounds. The presets, particularly those used in iconic tracks by Drake, demonstrate Xpand!2's ability to contribute significantly to the sound of contemporary music.

Why FL Studio Producers Are Still All About Xpand!2 in 2024

Ever wonder why, with all the shiny new VSTs, FL Studio producers are still holding on to Xpand!2 like it's their musical lifeline...and how it's still on the favorites list in 2024.

For beat makers using FL Studio its straight forward. The integration with FL Studio's workflow is seamless, allowing for efficient and intuitive music production. Also, the plugin's compatibility with FL Studio's native effects and instruments enhances its versatility and expands creative possibilities for users. That's part of why, Xpand!2 remains a first choice among FL Studio users.

It comes down to its accessibility, versatility, and seamless integration within the FL Studio ecosystem.

Over 2500 Sounds at Your Fingertips

From ambient soft pads to electrifying hard leads, Xpand!2's library is solid any genre. It’s this extensive range that makes it a go-to for producers looking for the right sound without breaking the bank or their CPU.

Pros and Cons

Its user-friendly interface and 4-part layering feature add depth and character to any sound, making it a playground for creativity. Plus, its light CPU usage and attractive pricing make it the go to pick for many.

Yet, the plugin struggles with keeping up with the latest sound trends. And navigating its vast library can be a chore due to a lackluster preset navigation system.


  • Versatility: Offers a wide range of sounds across genres.
  • User-friendly: The simple interface and smart knobs make it accessible for all skill levels.
  • Layering Capability: Allows for creative sound design through the layering of sounds.
  • Affordable: With promotions, it can be very cost-effective, sometimes even free.
  • Efficient: Light on CPU usage, ensuring smooth performance.


  • Sound Relevance: Some sounds may not align with current trends, though many remain timeless.
  • Preset Navigation: Navigating the extensive list of presets can be cumbersome due to the lack of a search function.
  • GUI Scaling: The interface may be too small on high-resolution screens.
  • Stability Issues: Some users report crashes, especially when manipulating effects.


  • Xpand!2 remains a versatile and valuable plugin, offering a wide range of sounds across various genres.
  • Its integration with FL Studio's workflow makes it a seamless and intuitive choice for FL Studio users, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • With over 2500 sounds, from ambient pads to electrifying leads, Xpand!2's extensive library caters to diverse musical needs without straining CPU usage.
  • The plugin's user-friendly interface and layering capabilities facilitate creative sound design, while its affordability makes it accessible to producers of all levels.
  • Despite some drawbacks like outdated presets and occasional stability issues, Xpand!2 continues to be a popular and relevant choice for music producers in 2024.

Final Words

In 2024, Xpand!2 continues to hold its relevance, especially among FL Studio users, for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its affordability and ease of use make it an attractive option for producers of all levels. Secondly, its vast library of sounds, ranging from orchestral to electronic, provides FL Studio users with a diverse sonic palette to work with, catering to a wide range of musical genres and styles.

Xpand!2 stands as a testament to the balance between simplicity, versatility, and depth in a software synthesizer. Its wide range of sounds, coupled with an intuitive interface and efficient performance, makes it a valuable asset for music producers looking to expand their creative horizons.

While it has its drawbacks, such as the dated appearance of some presets and occasional stability issues, these do not detract significantly from its overall utility and quality. Whether as a central component of a music production setup or a supplementary tool, Xpand!2 offers a compelling blend of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals.