Travis Scott Type Beats in Ableton Live using Sample Focus.

Travis Scott Type Beats in Ableton Live using Sample Focus.

Free Samples for Tutorial

Download the samples used in this video tutorial by going to the following link and clicking "DOWNLOAD ALL":

Travis Scott Beat Construction Kit
Travis Scott beat construction kit collection of audio samples.

It's a totally free pack and requires 0 download credits to download.

Are you:

  • Looking to produce a Travis Scott type beat?
  • Searching for creative inspiration?
  • A beginner or experienced music producer?
  • Looking to gain familiarity with Ableton Live?

Check out this video tutorial and follow along to explore the ideas behind a Travis Scott type beat, and make your own!

Making your Travis Scott Type Beat in Ableton Live.

By analyzing the music of Travis Scott, we can break down the core ideas behind his musical style. Everything from drum rhythms, percussion sounds, and synthesizer melodies can be reinvented.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Compile Your Sounds

Sample Focus enables you to find that specific sound you’re looking for. Simply search for your sound and refine your filters to narrow down the selection. Once you’ve found a good sound, download it and move it to your project folder.

Alternatively, you can download this collection of sounds used in the video here. Download the samples and follow along.

Step 2: Assemble Your Sounds

Once your sounds can be accessed within Live, begin assembling your drums, synths, and other layers.

We’re designing our chosen sounds to create that eerie yet energetic Travis Scott feel to them.

Starting with a BPM of 136, we’ll be step sequencing our drum sounds into a MIDI layer. Along the way, we’ll make modifications to the drum sounds as needed.

As we produce we’ll change the pitch of the drum sounds and synthesizers to give them a warped feeling. Layering in effects such as chorus, autopan, and saturation will give the beat that washed out, pulsating sound you’ll hear in some Travis Scott beats.

All of this is topped off with a strong 808 bass kick in the foreground.

Step 3: Experiment, Tweak, and Construct

Once you’ve constructed the core of your beat, it’s up to you to turn it into a composition. For instance, you could create a calm melodic introduction followed up by an intense ‘beat drop’.

The core of the beat can be extended into an entire project, layered with additional elements such as vocals, basslines, or other instruments.

Emulating Travis Scott’s musical style is not only good production practice, but it’s also creatively engaging. While producing, tweak the sound to your liking and make the final beat your own.

Happy Beat-making!