SSL UF1 for creative sampling and improving your workflow

The SSL UF1 is a single-fader controller that can change your approach to sampling and how you control your DAW by using real-time sound manipulation.

SSL UF1 for creative sampling and improving your workflow

Today, we explore a creative approach to the SSL UF1, to help you look at your DAW in a totally different way with this single fader controller. The SSL UF1, powered by SSL 360° software can provide real-time visual feedback on your mix, ensuring your music sounds exactly as you want it to. When sampling, this integration provides a level of control that will facilitate your creative workflow.

Let's see why and how it's useful for music production.

What is the SSL UF1?

But first, let's see what exactly this controller is and what it can do for you.

The SSL UF1 is an advanced DAW controller by Solid State Logic that offers hands-on control over your DAW-based setup. You can control of up to three DAWs simultaneously with HUI and MCU profiles. It supports software like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, and Pyramix.

UF1 - Solid State Logic
UF1 is the ultimate single fader controller for anyone who wants comprehensive control of their DAW, bringing SSL’s renowned advanced workflow to in-the-box productions.

The SSL UF1 when integrated with other SSL controllers, such as the UF8 and UC1. This enables users to create customized SSL console environments that enhance mixing experiences by providing tactile control over multiple channels.

Coupled with SSL 360° software, the UF1 empowers music producers, especially those in sampling and beat-making, with its motorized fader, dual displays for instant feedback, and seamless DAW integration.


Here's a quick look at it's features.


  • 100mm motorized fader
  • Dual high-resolution displays
  • Soft-feel rubber keys
  • Weighted jog wheel
  • Sturdy metal chassis
  • Tactile control over SSL plug-ins (Channel Strip 2, 4K B)
  • Support for multiple DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, Pyramix) via HUI/MCU profiles
  • SSL Meter plug-in with metering tools (peak, RMS, RTA, etc.) displayed on 4.3-inch screen

How it can help you

  • Assign a track or sample in your DAW for manipulation.
  • Map effects parameters to the UF1's knobs or faders.
  • Engage in real-time manipulation of effects parameters as the track plays.
  • Record the automation in your DAW.
  • Playback and refine the automation curves as needed.
A cool trick for the SSL UF1, is using its motorized fader and direct access controls, for dynamic effects and transitions. This allows a more realistic performance-like feel to your workflow.


While the UF1 presents a significant upgrade for studio setups, its premium price point may be a consideration for those on a strict budget. Additionally, some users might find the single fader design limiting, especially when compared to multi-fader mixing surfaces.

Live Automation for Effects and Transitions


  • Assign a Track: Choose a track or sample within your DAW that you want to manipulate.
  • Map Effects to UF1 Controls: Assign effects parameters you wish to automate to the UF1's knobs or faders.

The Process

  • Engage in Real-Time Manipulation: As the track plays, use the UF1 to adjust the effects parameters in real-time.
  • Record the Automation: While you manipulate these parameters, record the automation in your DAW.
  • Playback and Refine: Play back the track to hear how your live automation impacts the mix. Since the automation is recorded, you can go back and refine or edit the automation curves directly in your DAW if needed.

Why This is Effective

  • Creativity and Expression: This approach turns the production process more expressive and feels like an actual performance.
  • Precision and Control: The tactile feedback and precision of the UF1's controls offer a more intuitive means of shaping sound in real-time.
  • Dynamic Effects: By manually controlling effects parameters in real-time, you can create dynamic transitions and effects that are tightly synced with the music.
Solid State Logic UF1

Sampling and SSL UF1

For sampling across hip-hop, electronic, and other genres, the tactile control offered by the UF1 enhances this process in several ways:

  • Precision Editing: The UF1's touch-sensitive fader allows for nuanced volume adjustments and automation, critical for blending sampled material smoothly into tracks.
  • Efficient Workflow: With customizable buttons and the jog wheel, producers can quickly navigate through samples, chop them up, and assign them across their DAW with minimal reliance on mouse and keyboard. This hands-on approach can inspire creativity and make the sampling process more intuitive and engaging.
  • Sound Shaping: Integration with SSL 360° software means producers can apply SSL's famed EQ and dynamics processing to samples directly from the UF1, sculpting the sound at the source for cohesiveness within the mix.
  • Visual Feedback: The dual displays provide real-time visual cues for parameters being adjusted, offering a clear overview of how samples are being manipulated and integrated into the project.


  • High-Quality Motorized Fader: The centerpiece of the UF1 is its 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, allowing for precise volume adjustments and automation writing directly from the controller.
  • Dual High-Resolution Displays: Flanking the fader are two color displays that provide essential visual feedback such as track names, parameter adjustments, and more. This feature significantly reduces the need to switch back and forth between the controller and computer screen, streamlining the mixing process.
  • Customizable Control: Surrounding the displays and fader, the UF1 features an array of customizable buttons. These can be programmed to execute DAW shortcuts, control plugins, and open project windows, among other actions, facilitating a faster and more intuitive workflow.
  • SSL 360° Software Integration: The UF1 integrates with SSL's 360° software, to control EQ and dynamics plugins directly from the controller, with visual feedback in the displays.

Final Words

The SSL UF1 backed by SSL's iconic 360° is a blend of intuitive design and advanced customization caters to the modern producer's demand for flexibility and efficiency. When paired aired with the SSL 360° softwareit has a range of features to use with digital audio workstations (DAWs). These bridge the gap between traditional console mixing and in-the-box production methods. It demonstrates the need for hardware that is responsive with and software.

Stay tuned as we will soon explore other creative angles of the SSL UF1 using it's Module 8 rack plugin.