Phonk Essentials: Make Authentic Tracks with Free Samples

We explore how to create authentic, and Phonk inspired tracks by using free music samples from our own Sample Focus library. Dive into the world of gritty and vintage beats influenced by Memphis rap and nostalgic samples to learn mixing and mastering techniques for your own creations.

Phonk Essentials: Make Authentic Tracks with Free Samples

Phonk, with its gritty beats and vintage vibes, has captured the hearts of producers and listeners alike. This unique style, is a fusion of hip hop / trap, Memphis rap and lo-fi aesthetics and nostalgic samples. It requires specific sounds, music sampling and techniques to truly shine.

Vocals Phonk Acappelas Loops
Vocals Phonk Acappelas Loops collection of audio samples. cool, loop, memphis, phonk, and vocals

In this article we'll explore how to create authentic Phonk tracks using some of the latest free samples out there, like "Necronomicon Shadxwbxrn type Phonk Acapella," "Trap/Rap Drums," , "Aggressive Phonk Cowbell Melody."

Trap/Rap Drums
Listen to Trap/Rap Drums. Royalty-Free sound that is tagged as bass, bass guitar, beat, and drums. Download for FREE + discover 1000’s of sounds.

Sample Focus Download: Aggressive Phonk Cowbell Melody Sample

Along with complementary sounds that make a perfect match to create tracks with samples that are original and have elements that complement each other to make up the bigger picture - your music.

Phonk Samples Complementary Sounds on Sample Focus

A Quick Phonk Intro

Phonk isn't just a genre; it's a vibe. Think heavy 808s, cowbell melodies, and those chopped vocal samples that send chills down your spine. Inspired by Southern hip-hop, Phonk is all about mood and texture.

Ready to create your own?

Creating Phonk Beats with Sample Focus

Download Free Phonk Samples

With Sample Focus, you'll be tuning preset samples into your own sound in no time.

This Phonk Drums Starter kit from Sample focus should help get you going.

Drums First:

"Trap/Rap Drums" Start with the beat. Grab the "Trap/Rap Drums" sample from Sample Focus, and lay down that kick and snare. Add some hi-hats and cymbals, and you've got the foundation. Easy, right?

Trap/Rap Drums
Listen to Trap/Rap Drums. Royalty-Free sound that is tagged as bass, bass guitar, beat, and drums. Download for FREE + discover 1000’s of sounds.

Melody Time:

Now, let's get that signature Phonk sound with the Melody. Layer it, play with it, make it yours. You'll find plenty on Sample Focus, just waiting for you.

Phonk Melodies (Small Pack)
Phonk Melodies (Small Pack) collection of audio samples. cowbell, drums, loop, melody, mixed, #phonk, #phonk melody, and wet

Vocal Magic:

Time for some vocal flavor. This one is perfect for those gritty chops. Add some reverb, maybe some delay, and listen to it come alive.

Phonk Vocals Mixed Acappelas
Phonk Vocals Mixed Acappelas collection of audio samples. acapella, acappelas, phonk, phonk acapella, phonk sample, phonk vocals, three six mafia, and vocals


1. Start with the Drums: "Trap/Rap Drums"

  • Kick and Snare: Use the "Trap/Rap Drums" sample to lay down a solid foundation.
  • Hi-Hats and Cymbals: Add complexity with rapid hi-hats and cymbal crashes.
  • Tip: Search for "Trap/Rap Drums" on Sample Focus for the perfect drum kit.

2. Add the Melody: "Aggressive Phonk Cowbell Melody"

  • Cowbell Melody: Incorporate the "Aggressive Phonk Cowbell Melody" for that signature Phonk sound.
  • Layering: Combine with other melodic elements for depth.
  • Tip: Find this unique melody on Sample Focus by searching for "Phonk Cowbell Melody."

3. Vocal Flavor: "Necronomicon Shadxwbxrn type Phonk Acapella"

  • Chopped Vocals: Use the "Necronomicon Shadxwbxrn type Phonk Acapella" for gritty vocal chops.
  • Effects: Add reverb and delay for a haunting effect.
  • Tip: Access this acapella on Sample Focus by searching for "Necronomicon Shadxwbxrn."

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing: Finding the Perfect Balance

  • Levels: Adjust the volume levels of each track to ensure nothing is overpowering. Aim for a balanced mix where each element can be heard clearly.
  • Panning: Pan different elements to create a wide stereo image. For example, pan the hi-hats slightly to the right and the snare slightly to the left.
  • Distortion: Add a touch of distortion to give your track some grit. A value around 10-15% can add character without overwhelming the mix.
  • Tape Saturation: Apply tape saturation for a vintage feel. A moderate setting, around 20-30%, can warm up the sound.

Mastering: Polishing Your Track

  • Compression: Use a compressor with a ratio of around 2:1 or 3:1, a medium attack time (30-50ms), and a release time that complements the tempo.
  • Equalization (EQ): Apply a gentle EQ boost around 60-100Hz for warmth and a slight cut around 300-400Hz to reduce muddiness. A subtle boost around 10-12kHz can add clarity.
  • Limiting: Apply a limiter to ensure the track doesn't clip, setting the threshold just below 0dB.

With these specific values and parameters, you can craft a Phonk track that truly shines. Remember, these are starting points, so feel free to experiment and find what works best for your unique sound.

Final Words

Creating Phonk music is an exciting journey into a world of dark grooves and vintage textures.

Try our  many collections or even the popular "Necronomicon Shadxwbxrn type Phonk Acapella," "Trap/Rap Drums," , "Aggressive Phonk Cowbell Melody"  you will have the essential building blocks to craft authentic Phonk tracks.

Dive into the rich collection on Sample Focus and start sampling!

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