Key Samples Special: Earn 2x Credits, Download Free Samples

This November, Sample Focus doubles your rewards! Upload key samples and earn 2x download credits. Expand your sound library with high-quality free samples.

Key Samples Special: Earn 2x Credits, Download Free Samples

November is here, and at Sample Focus, it brings with it a special opportunity that is music to the ears of creators. This month, we're putting a spotlight on Key samples, the backbone of melodies and harmonies that elevate any musical piece. From soothing piano notes to electrifying synthesizer tones, the world of keys is vast and diverse.

Boost Your Sample Collection by earning double credits and download free samples.

November is All About Keys

Key samples add melody, harmony, and soul to a track. Whether it's the tinkling of a piano, the resonant chords of an organ, or the futuristic sounds of a synthesizer, key samples bring life to music. Sample Focus recognizes the creative potential that lies within key samples and has dedicated November to celebrate them.

Omega Synths Pack
Omega Synths pack collection of audio samples. dynamic, keys, loop, straight, synth keys, and trap

Double Download Credits: An Offer You Can't Miss

To make things even more exciting, we're offering a special incentive for our community. For every key sample you upload in November, you'll earn double the download credits. Instead of the usual 4 credits, you'll receive a whopping 8 download credits for every approved key sample.

Sweet Keys
Sweet Keys collection of audio samples. keys and loop

Showcase Your Vocals and Get Free Download Credits

This is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills in crafting unique key samples. Whether you're a seasoned musician or an amateur creator, your samples could be the crucial element someone needs for their next masterpiece.

Bright Keys
Bright Keys collection of audio samples. bright, clean, dynamic, high, hip hop, keys, legato, loop, melody, piano, progression, short, smooth, straight, and vintage

Making the Most of This

  • Sign Up: If you haven't already, sign up for a FREE account.
  • Navigate to upload and follow the instructions. It's that simple!
  • Quality Over Quantity: While double credits are enticing, prioritize the quality of your key samples. Ensure they're clear, crisp, and free from background noise.
  • Diversity is Key: Experiment with different styles, tones, and languages. The more diverse your key samples, the wider audience you'll appeal to.
  • Tag Appropriately: Correct tagging ensures that users can easily find and utilize your samples in their projects.
Synth Keys
Synth Keys collection of audio samples. drum & bass, dubstep, one shot, polyphonic, and processed

Guidelines for November's Vocal Month

To maximize your rewards, ensure your samples adhere to the following guidelines:

  • File Format: Ensure your samples are in WAV format with a maximum size of 10 Megabytes.
  • Naming Your Sample: Choose descriptive names that give a hint of the sound before playing. For vocals, use part of the phrase in the name.
  • Categorization: Select an appropriate main and, if applicable, a sub-category.
  • Tagging: Add as many relevant tags as you can, using both the suggested glossary and your own custom tags.
  • Quality Assurance: Only high-quality and unique sounds are accepted. Avoid samples with long silence, abrupt cuts, or duplicates.

Ready to Get Started?

November is already here, and this offer won't last forever. Start uploading your key samples today and earn those extra credits. Remember, every sample you upload not only earns you credits but also contributes to the growth and enrichment of our community. So, get started, and share your key samples with the Sample Focus community!


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