Sampling techniques to produce tracks like Metro Boomin

Learn the methods and signature sampling techniques behind the songs by Metro Boomin. Learn how to blend classic Metro sounds with your own style by using Sample Focus.

Sampling techniques to produce tracks like Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin curates a style that's both recognizable and groundbreaking.

Think back to a Metro Boomin track you've listened to recently. Can you identify that rhythmic richness that sets him apart?

To get close, you'll have to meticulously tweak and experiment with samples. So dive into the core of his sampling techniques to get that iconic Metro sound using Sample Focus.

Technical Guide for a Metro Boomin type production

This is built on Metro Boomin's known techniques. It's best you learn to adapt and innovate to your unique style for the best results.

This is how Metro creates his masterpieces.

Dark Synths Integration

  • Introduce atmospheric and chilling synthesizer melodies to your track for a dense ambiance.

Percussive Foundation:

  • Ensure your track has a strong drum base comprising punchy kicks, sharp snares, and intricate hi-hats.

Reversing and Atmosphere:

  • Utilize the reverse function in your DAW for a novel twist.
  • Enhance the atmosphere by incorporating echoing bell sounds for a haunting spaciousness.

Stereo Manipulation:

  • Use parametric EQ to declutter your mix, ensuring clarity.
  • Following stereo adjustments, emphasize hard-hitting drum elements, particularly potent snares and kicks.

Vocal Dynamics:

  • Introduce dynamic vocal fragments and recognizable chants to enrich the sonic texture of your track.

Pitch, Bass, and Melody Variations:

  • Adjust pitch in your DAW to introduce subtle variations.
  • Solidify the rhythmic foundation with gritty 808 basslines.
  • Occasionally weave in contrasting bright melodies for depth.

BPM Flexibility:

  • Determine your track's tempo, keeping it fluid within the 80 to 140 BPM range.
  • Refine and polish all elements for a cohesive and professional finish.

Sampling like Metro Boomin using Sample Focus

To sample like Metro Boomin requires a keen ear, impeccable rhythm, and a mastery over digital tools.

Using these principles and the sample library at Sample Focus, you can echo his iconic sound while adding your distinctive twist.

1. Looping the Magic: Rhythmic richness is Metro's hallmark, often using elongated loops to capture listeners.

Have you ever noticed a subtle shift in pitch in a song that changed the whole mood for you? Reflect on how small tweaks can have large impacts.

2. Percussive Foundation:Metro's sound resonates with life, primarily driven by his drum-centric focus.

  • How: It's not about just looping; it's about building a formidable drum foundation.
  • Tip: Consider the "Southside Type Bouncy & Percussive Trap Drums Loop" by 560product... to infuse your track with punchy kicks, crisp snares, and detailed hi-hats.

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3. Reversing for Freshness:Introducing a novel twist can transform the familiar into something intriguing.

  • How: Reversing samples is akin to flipping a story's ending, adding layers of surprise.
  • Tip: Within your DAW, select part of your sample and reverse it. To enhance atmosphere, introduce elements like the "Echoing & Dark Trap Bell One Shot" by Testimony... for that haunting spaciousness.
Echoing & Dark Trap Bell One Shot
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4. Stereo Manipulation:For Metro, every beat must shine, with drums holding the spotlight.

Pause for a moment: how does tempo influence your own emotional response to a track? Can you think of a song where the tempo shift made a memorable impact?

  • How: Ensure your samples don't muddy the mix, allowing drums to dominate.
  • Tip: Use parametric EQ to cut frequencies under 80Hz. For an immersive feel, widen the stereo image beyond 250Hz. As a final touch, bring in "AS Lime Punchy Snare One Shot" and "AS Punchy Kick One Shot" by Ale Sira.

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5. Vocal Chops and Chants:Vocals bring warmth, character, and that touch of human essence.

  • How: Infuse your tracks with dynamic vocal fragments and iconic chants.
  • Tip: Navigate Sample Focus for distinctive vocal chops. For an authentic Metro flavor, don't miss the "Metro 'Hey' Vocal Chant" by Prod. Jaw...

6. Play with Pitch and Melody:Minor tweaks can lead to major transformations, especially when playing with pitch.

  • How: Breathe fresh life into samples with subtle pitch alterations, grounding them with gritty 808s, and occasionally introducing bright melodies.
  • Tip: In your DAW, adjust your sample's pitch and cement your rhythm with basslines like "Distorted 808 Bass" by Ale Sira. For melodic flair, consider "Pirouette - Upbeat 21 Savage type Melody" by Iconism.

7. BPM Dynamics and Finishing Touches: Metro Boomin tracks narrate tales through varied tempos, seamlessly blending dynamism with precision.

  • How: Dictate your track's rhythm, ensuring it's polished to perfection.
  • Tip: Fix your BPM between 80 to 140. With your sample as a cornerstone, experiment with surrounding elements. For a touch of Metro's genius, layer in effects like "Metro Spacey Siren Riser".

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Final Words

Metro Boomin's signature style emphasizes rhythmic two-bar loops, a drum-centric foundation, and innovative use of samples. Techniques such as reversing samples add intrigue, while stereo manipulation ensures clarity, and vocal elements introduce warmth and character. Fine-tuning elements like pitch and BPM dynamics allows for varied tempos, making sure each track is both dynamic and polished.

To truly capture Metro Boomin's essence, artists must delve deep into the nuances of beat-making. This involves experimenting with elements like pitch and melody, ensuring the beats have both depth and dynamism. The blending of varied tempos, meticulous stereo adjustments, and the strategic use of vocals are testament to Metro's genius. Aspiring artists should focus on these aspects, seeking both inspiration and technical mastery, to craft tracks that resonate with listeners just as Metro's iconic beats do.

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