Make Anything Sound Dreamy

Discover dreamy soundscapes. From classic chorus to ethereal delays, learn how to give your synth samples a cloud-like texture.

Make Anything Sound Dreamy

Today we show you dreamy soundscapes with this guide, inspired by our YouTube exploration. These tips enhance your tracks, whether you're a novice or an expert, it will help you add that sought-after, cloud-like texture to your tracks.

Let's make your synth samples sound more dreamy!

Start with the Basics: Classic Chorus

The first step involves a chorus in classic mode, meticulously dialed in with a rate of 60%, feedback at a cozy 70%, and a dry/wet mix of 80%. This foundation gently blurs the lines between the real and the imaginary, laying down the canvas for our dreamy soundscape.

  • Rate: 60%
  • Feedback: 70%
  • Dry/Wet: 80%

Add a Touch of Magic: 'Vibr' Mode

  • Rate: 3 Hz
  • Amount: 20-25%

Introduce the 'Vibr' mode to add whimsy and a subtle wobble. Finding the right balance is key to ensuring the effect enhances rather than overwhelms.

Layer with Ethereal Veils: Optional R Delay

  • Dry/Wet: 20%
  • Feedback: 30%
  • Pitch: 12
  • Frequency: 3.60
  • Spray: 25 milliseconds

This optional step infuses your sound with an otherworldly aura, further deepening the dreamlike ambiance.

Deepen the Dreamscape: Normal Delay

  • Time: Set to two
  • Feedback: 20%
  • Dry/Wet: 30%

Continue shaping your auditory dreamland with a normal delay, adding rhythmic depth and dimension.

Final Flourish: 'Concrete Chamber' Preset

  • Dry/Wet: About 30%

Conclude with the 'Concrete Chamber' preset from Aon's RE, adjusted for a soft, reverberating effect that wraps your sound in an ethereal embrace.

Final Words

That's a wrap!

This exploration serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that await in music production, especially with the resources available at Sample Focus.

As the settings converge, simple sounds transform into immersive, dreamy experiences.

Give your synth samples a little twist by making them sound more dreamy!