Revamped Comment Widget: Instant Updates on Your Sounds!

Our revamped comment widget gives you instant email notifications when someone comments on your sounds.

Revamped Comment Widget: Instant Updates on Your Sounds!

We're excited to announce an update that will make interacting on Sample Focus even easier. Our revamped comment widget now comes with a handy new feature — instant email notifications on your sounds!

We understand how feedback and collaboration are key to music making. That's why we wanted to introduce and share this feature with you, hoping it will improve your experience and make your creative process more interactive.

What’s New?

  • Instant Updates: Whenever someone comments on your sounds, you'll get an email alert. This means you won't miss any feedback or chances to connect.
  • Quick Access: Each email has a link that takes you straight to the comment. It's that simple! This means less time thinking, navigating and you more time to create.

Why is this great for you?

  • Productivity: Keep projects active by quickly engaging and replying to feedback.
  • Build Relationships: More interaction means stronger connections with other creators that share your same passion.
  • Improve Your Tracks: Use the community's input to make your tracks even better.

Every enhancement to our platform is aimed at making your experience better. We want to help make your music making process as interactive and community-driven as possible.

We're excited to see how this update will help you. Let us know what you think!

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