Finding the Best Samples

Beginners Guide on finding the best samples for free. What you need to know to stop wasting time and get exactly what you need, being kick drums, synths, bass, or loops.

Finding the Best Samples

If you're a music producer, finding the right sounds and samples is crucial for your creativity and workflow. In this guide, I'll share some tips that can make your life easier when searching for those new sounds you need.

But first, check out our Youtube video about this:

Tip 1: Understand What You're Looking For

Before diving into sample browsing, get clear on exactly what type of sound you need. Are you making a hip-hop track and need drums, chords, or a specific bass line? Knowing your target will help you avoid distractions and stay focused.

Tip 2: Use Filtering Keywords

Generally you can filter sounds using keywords. Get specific by looking for the style (analog, vinyl), descriptive adjectives (punchy, soft), genre (techno, house), or even a specific producer's name. On Sample Focus, you can also filter by tags, BPM, tone, and more.

Tip 3: Leverage Useful Terminology

Understanding common sample terms can elevate your search skills:

 • One shot: A single, non-looping sound
 • Sound effects/FX: Unique audio textures like ambiances, foley, etc.
 • Stomp: A dramatic kick-like sound with a tail, great for cinematic breakdowns
 • Reverse: Sounds played in reverse, useful for risers and anticipation
 • Impact: Punchy, cinematic drum hits
 • Fill: A drum pattern that marks the end of a phrase
 • Drum components: Kicks, snares, hats, crashes, rides, etc.
 • Stab: A short, punctuated chord or melodic hit
 • 303/Acid Bass: The classic squelchy bass sound from the Roland TB-303

Tip 4: Organize Your Finds

Once you've gathered your desired samples, organize them into a drum rack or sample instrument for efficient writing. You can also get creative by layering sounds, applying effects like delay/distortion, and using macros to control parameters.

Tip 5: Give Back to the Community

If you've created a cool loop or sample by processing and combining sounds, consider uploading it back to Sample Focus. You'll get credits to download more user samples for free!

That's a wrap! We hope these tips help streamline your sample workflow.