Beyond the Mainstream: Explore Underused Genres To Find Your Sound

Beyond mainstream music are vast underused genres that offer unique sounds. This article looks at genres like Witch House, Vaporwave, and more, to show how they can be used to create innovative tracks.

Beyond the Mainstream: Explore Underused Genres To Find Your Sound

One of the most exciting aspects of music production is the ability to combine different genres, and find a unique blend that challenges traditional sounds. Let's look at a selection of underused genres to try and bring out both novelty and nostalgia.

Vaporwave Drums
Vaporwave Drums collection of audio samples. 80s, compressed, cool, drums, groovy, mixed, processed, retro, synthwave, vaporwave, vintage, and wave

1. The Underused

Why Explore Lesser-Known Genres?

  • Freshness: Mainstream genres, while popular, often come with the risk of sounding repetitive. In contrast, underused genres offer a fresh palette of sounds, rhythms, and textures.
  • Innovation: They represent the uncharted territories of music, waiting to be discovered and integrated into modern productions.
  • Diversity: Exploring lesser-known genres can lead to a more diverse sound portfolio, allowing producers to stand out in a saturated market.

2. The Rise of Underused Genres

There's been a noticeable shift towards the exploration of lesser-known genres. This shift is driven by several factors:

  • Digital Platforms: With online platforms, artists from niche genres have found a space to showcase their work, leading to increased visibility for underused genres.
  • Globalization: The internet has made it easier for producers to explore and integrate sounds from different cultures and eras.
  • Demand for Originality: As listeners seek fresh sounds, producers are pushed to explore beyond the mainstream.

3. Spotlight on Unique Sounds

  • Mixed Synthwave Arp Melody
    • A blend of retro and futuristic sounds, capturing the essence of the 80s while being relevant to today's electronic music scene. Producers can leverage this sound to add a nostalgic yet modern touch to their tracks.
  • Million Soft Picking Plucked
    • Offers a gentle and melodic touch, perfect for adding a serene backdrop to any track. This sound can be used to create ambient or introspective sections in a song.
  • Old School Funky West Coast Bassline
    • Brings a groovy and rhythmic element reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop. This bassline can be the foundation of a track, setting the mood and rhythm.
  • Funky Bass A Chord Chilled
    • A testament to the timeless appeal of funk, offering a laid-back yet catchy bassline. It can be used to add a groovy undertone to any production.
  • Breakbeat Weird Beat 3
    • Known for its unconventional and unpredictable rhythm patterns, adding dynamism to a track. This can be the backbone of an energetic section in a song.
  • PS1 Start - FX Transition
    • This sound effect, reminiscent of the PlayStation 1 start-up sound, can be used as a unique transition or as an element to add a nostalgic gaming touch to a track. It's dark, eerie, and electronic, making it perfect for tracks aiming for a mysterious or supernatural vibe.

4.An Ode to the Classics and underused

Underused genres, often overshadowed by their more popular counterparts, are a goldmine for producers seeking to infuse their tracks with a touch of novelty. Let's delve into some of these genres:

Witch House:

Sample: Witchhouse Pad

Witch House is characterized by its dark, ethereal ambiance combined with hip-hop rhythms. The "Witchhouse Pad" sample encapsulates this essence, offering a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that can add depth and mystery to any track.

Ghostly Ambient:

Sample: Ghostly Pad

This genre thrives on creating an atmosphere that's both eerie and enchanting. The "Ghostly Pad" sample embodies this spirit, providing a sound that's perfect for tracks aiming for a supernatural or ethereal vibe.


Sample: Vaporwave Drums - No Tops Side to Side Vapor

Vaporwave is a celebration of nostalgia, often manipulating 80s and 90s mood music to create a surreal atmosphere. This drum sample captures the rhythmic essence of Vaporwave, offering a retro beat with a modern twist.

Collection: Vaporwave Drums

A comprehensive collection that encapsulates the rhythmic elements of Vaporwave, providing producers with a range of beats to experiment with.

Math Rock:

Sample: Synth Bells Melody G

Math Rock is known for its intricate melodies and complex time signatures. The "Synth Bells Melody G" sample, while not traditionally Math Rock, can be integrated into such productions to add a melodic touch that complements the genre's rhythmic complexity.


A serene fusion of psytrance and ambient music, Psybient is all about creating hypnotic soundscapes. While a specific sample isn't provided here, producers can explore ambient pads, slow-tempo beats, and ethereal synths to capture the essence of this genre.

Chap Hop:

A delightful blend of hip-hop with Britain's Edwardian culture, Chap Hop is as quirky as it sounds. Think of beats that would fit a Victorian-era setting, combined with modern rap rhythms. While a direct sample isn't linked, producers can experiment with vintage sounds and modern beats to craft a Chap Hop masterpiece.

For producers, these underused genres present an opportunity to step out of the conventional and venture into the uncharted territories of sound. By integrating these unique elements into their tracks, they not only stand out but also pay homage to the rich tapestry of musical history.

Tips for Successful Fusion:

  • Harmonic Blending: Ensure that the key signatures of the genres you're blending are compatible. This ensures a harmonious fusion rather than a jarring mix.
  • Rhythmic Sync: Pay attention to the BPM (beats per minute) of the tracks. Adjusting the BPM can help in seamlessly blending genres with different rhythmic structures.
  • Dynamic Transitions: Use effects like reverb, delay, and phasing to create smooth transitions between genres, ensuring the fusion feels organic.
  • Experiment with Vocals: If one genre has a vocal element, consider how it might be adapted or modified to fit the combined genre. This could mean changing the vocal style, pitch, or even the lyrical content.
  • Respect the Essence: While the goal is to create something new, it's essential to respect the essence of each genre. This not only pays homage to the original style but ensures that the fusion feels authentic.

Experiment And Blend Rare Samples

  1. Witch House & Vaporwave:
    • How: Start with the ethereal pads of Witch House and layer them with the nostalgic beats of Vaporwave.
    • Why: The haunting ambiance of Witch House can be beautifully juxtaposed with Vaporwave's retro vibes, creating a track that's both eerie and nostalgic.
    • Blend with: Use a slow-tempo beat, adding reverb to the Witch House pads and some vinyl crackle effects to enhance the Vaporwave element.
  2. Ghostly Ambient & Math Rock:
    • How: The intricate rhythms of Math Rock can be paired with the eerie soundscapes of Ghostly Ambient.
    • Why: The complexity of Math Rock rhythms can provide a dynamic backdrop to the ethereal sounds of Ghostly Ambient.
    • Blend with: Introduce time signature changes typical of Math Rock, and layer them with ghostly pads, ensuring the transitions are smooth.
  3. Psybient & Chap Hop:
    • How: Integrate the hypnotic soundscapes of Psybient with the quirky beats of Chap Hop.
    • Why: The serene fusion of psytrance and ambient music in Psybient can be given a unique twist with Chap Hop's vintage sounds.
    • Blend with: Use ambient pads and slow-tempo beats from Psybient, and introduce samples of vintage instruments or phonographs to bring in the Chap Hop element.
  4. Vaporwave & Chap Hop:
    • How: Combine the retro beats of Vaporwave with the Edwardian cultural elements of Chap Hop.
    • Why: The nostalgic essence of Vaporwave can be enriched with the quirky, vintage vibes of Chap Hop.
    • Blend with: Use Vaporwave's synth-driven melodies and layer them with Chap Hop's Victorian-era beats, perhaps even introducing spoken word elements reminiscent of the Edwardian era.

Final Words

The exploration of underused genres is more than just a quest for originality; it's evident that the boundaries between genres are blurred. Music producers have an ever-expanding toolkit at their disposal. This allows them to go deep into musical history and get as creative as possible.