Creator Spotlight: DistalVision

Creator Spotlight: DistalVision

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with DistalVision.
He's created a super groovy experimental track using a variety of sounds he found on Sample Focus. Check out his polished production! Linked below are also the sounds he used and a brief description by the man himself.

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The Funky Hang

Sounds used:


SF: Can you tell us about how you created this track?

DV: I made this song in logic pro and mostly used sounds and samples which came with the program, like the drums, the hang drum or the synths. What I was missing were some nice vocal samples to give it some more depth. I had something in mind but didn’t have the right samples. Since music is only a hobby and I am a college student, I can’t afford to buy a whole sample pack in the hope of finding the few right samples I was in need for, for that reason I really like Sample Focus. It was so easy to find something fitting because of the search function and the drag and play function. I can scroll down the library and listen in an instant to all the samples.

Thanks to DistalVision for taking the time to share his creative process with us. Check out his profile on Sample Focus and connect with him on SoundCloud.