Brazilian Phonk Beat Making: The Samples, Tricks & Techniques

Explore Brazilian Phonk, a fusion of Baile Funk and Memphis Phonk, with it's distinctive elements, sample usage, production techniques, and creative tips.

Brazilian Phonk Beat Making: The Samples, Tricks & Techniques

Brazilian Phonk has a unique rhythm and unique blend of Brazilian funk and hip-hop influences. You can tap into this genre and create your own Phonk samples filtering with the Brazilian tag on Sample Focus, to target Brazilian Phonk Samples.

Brazilian Funk Drums
Brazilian Funk Drums collection of audio samples. brazilian, breaks, clean, drum, drums, dynamic, energetic, ethnic/world, exotic, funk, funk/soul, funky, groovy, latin & african, latin/afro-cuban, loop, percussive, phonk, polyphonic, short, and uplifting

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover the fusion of Baile Funk and Memphis Phonk in Brazilian Phonk.
  • Explore the genre's distinctive elements, including sample usage, production techniques, and creative tips.
  • Use our extensive collection of Brazilian Phonk samples to create your own Phonk masterpieces.
  • Learn how to layer drums, phone vocals, add melodic flavor, build atmosphere, and achieve a professional-sounding mix.
  • Get creative with a Brazilian Phonk drum kit packed with hard-hitting kicks, snappy snares, and intricate percussion loops.

A Collection of Brazilian Phonk Samples

Our extensive collection of Brazilian Phonk samples offers a diverse range of sounds, from energetic Brazilian funk drums and bouncy Brazilian boogie basslines to catchy Brazilian Phonk synths and soulful Brazilian shout vocals.

Secrets of Brazilian Phonk Production

Brazilian Phonk production requires more than just high-quality samples. That's why we've compiled a quick guide to help you make Brazilian Phonk. Learn how to layer drums, add melodic flavor, build atmosphere, and achieve a professional-sounding mix with our expert tips and tricks.

Get Creative with a Brazilian Phonk Drum Kit

Using a Brazilian Phonk drum kit packed with an array of hard-hitting kicks, snappy snares, and intricate percussion loops goes a long way. This kit provides you with the rhythm you need to create authentic Phonk beats.

The heart and soul of Brazilian Phonk lies in its distinctive drum patterns. These kits often have:

  • Hard-hitting kicks: Deep and punchy kicks lay down the foundation for the heavy groove.
  • Snappy snares: Tight and crisp snares cut through the mix, adding rhythmic complexity.
  • Claps and cowbells: Brazilian cowbells add a signature percussive element, while claps provide additional rhythmic accents.
  • Hi-hats: Open and closed hi-hats create a shimmering top-end layer, driving the energy of the track.

Beat Making and Brazilian Phonk Samples:

Beyond the drums, Brazilian Phonk samples offer many possibilities:

  • Melodies: From haunting piano chords to infectious flute melodies, Brazilian Phonk samples provide a diverse range of melodic options.
  • Basslines: Deep and distorted basslines add a powerful low-end presence to your tracks.
  • Vocals: Brazilian Phonk often incorporates chopped and pitched vocal samples, adding a unique and gritty texture.
  • FX: Atmospheric pads, risers, and impacts add depth and excitement to your productions.
Brazilian Phonk Bass One Shots
Brazilian Phonk Bass One Shots collection of audio samples. aggressive, angry, bass, bassy, chiptune, coarse/harsh, compressed, dark, digital, distorted, distorted bass, down sweep/fall, drum & bass, dubstep, energetic, fat, low, manic, monophonic, nervous, noisy, one shot, phonk, powerful, processed, punchy, rebellious, rowdy, and short

Layering Drums:

  • Kick: Start with a punchy kick drum with a deep low-end presence. Layer it with a transient shaper to accentuate the attack and add a second kick with a slightly higher pitch for added complexity.
  • Snare: Use a snappy snare with a tight, crisp sound. Layer it with a ghost snare for subtle ghost notes and a rimshot for added emphasis on certain beats.
  • Percussion: Utilize a variety of percussive elements like claps, cowbells, and shakers to add rhythmic interest and groove. Layer different percussion samples with varying velocities to create a dynamic and natural feel.

Adding Melodic Flavor:

  • Bassline: Brazilian Phonk often features bouncy, syncopated basslines. Use a combination of analog synths and sampled basslines to create a thick and funky groove. Experiment with different filters and envelopes to shape the sound and add movement.
  • Melody: Incorporate catchy melodies using synths, guitars, or even Brazilian instruments like the cavaquinho. Layer different melodic elements to create depth and texture, and use automation to add subtle variations and transitions.
  • Harmony: Experiment with chords and harmonies to add emotional depth and complexity to your tracks. Use simple chord progressions or explore more intricate harmonic structures to create a unique soundscape.
Brazilian Phonk Shots
Brazilian Phonk Shots collection of audio samples. cold, compressed, cool, down sweep/fall, ethnic/world, latin/afro-cuban, lo-fi, monophonic, narrow, one shot, punchy, and short

Building Atmosphere:

  • Pads and Strings: Use lush pads and atmospheric strings to create a sense of space and depth. Layer different pad sounds and use filters and reverbs to create a rich and evolving texture.
  • FX and Textures: Add subtle sound effects like risers, impacts, and textures to create transitions and add interest to your arrangements. Use these elements sparingly to avoid cluttering the mix.
  • Vocals: Incorporate Brazilian shout vocals or other vocal samples to add a unique and authentic flavor to your tracks. Use vocal chops, pitch-shifting, and other effects to manipulate the vocals and create interesting sonic textures.

Professional Mix:

  • Balance: Ensure all elements in your mix are balanced and sit well together. Use EQ to carve out space for each instrument and avoid frequency clashes.
  • Compression: Use compression on individual tracks and the master bus to control dynamics and glue the mix together. Be careful not to over-compress, as this can lead to a lifeless sound.
  • EQ and Filters: Use EQ to shape the overall tonal balance of your track and remove unwanted frequencies. Utilize filters to add movement and interest to different elements.
  • Stereo Imaging: Utilize panning and stereo widening techniques to create a wide and immersive soundscape. Be mindful of phase issues when using stereo effects.
  • Mastering: Once your mix is finalized, consider sending it to a professional mastering engineer for final polish and loudness optimization.

Find the Perfect Brazilian Phonk Sample for Your Next Track

Whether you're looking for a specific Brazilian cowbell sample to add a touch of rhythmic flair or a complete Brazilian Phonk sample pack to kickstart your production, our extensive collection has you covered. Browse our diverse selection and discover the perfect samples to ignite your creativity and bring your Phonk vision to life.

Brazilian Phonk Vocal Shots
Brazilian Phonk Vocal shots collection of audio samples. acappelas, acoustic, brazilian, breathy, cool, dry, energetic, ethnic/world, exotic, latin/afro-cuban, noisy, one shot, phonk, short, vocal fx, and vocals

Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Focus Loops

Here's how to use Brazilian Phonk samples in your productions.

Step 1: Layering the Foundation - Drums and Bass

  1. Brazilian Funk Drums: Start by selecting a drum loop from the "Brazilian Funk Drums" collection. These loops offer a variety of rhythmic patterns, from energetic breaks to intricate percussive elements. Choose a loop that complements the overall vibe of your track.
  2. Brazilian Boogie Bassline: Layer the "Brazilian Boogie Bassline" over the chosen drum loop. This bassline provides a bouncy and celebratory foundation, perfectly capturing the carefree spirit of Brazilian Phonk.
  3. Brazillian Phonk Type Kick - Dissonant Shot: Add the "Brazillian Phonk Type Kick - Dissonant Shot" to accentuate the low-end and inject a touch of aggression. This dissonant kick adds a unique character to the rhythm section.

Step 2: Adding Melodic Flavor - Synths and Vocals

  1. Brazilian Phonk Sharp Synth: Introduce the "Brazilian Phonk Sharp Synth" to create a catchy and energetic melody. This synth offers a dark and intense character, perfectly complementing the Brazilian Phonk aesthetic.
  2. Brazilian Shout Vox: Utilize the "Brazilian Shout Vox" to add human elements and vocal textures to your track. These one-shot vocal samples can be chopped and pitched to create rhythmic accents or used as impactful call-and-response elements.

Step 3: Building Atmosphere and Texture - FX and Processing

  1. Experiment with Effects: Utilize effects like reverb, delay, and distortion to add depth and texture to your samples. Experiment with different combinations to create unique sonic landscapes.
  2. EQ and Filtering: Use EQ and filtering to shape the frequency spectrum of your samples. Cut unnecessary frequencies to clean up the mix and boost desired elements for clarity and impact.
  3. Sidechain Compression: Employ sidechain compression to create a pumping effect between the kick and other elements in your track. This technique adds a dynamic and energetic feel to the rhythm section.

Step 4: Final Touches and Mastering

  1. Automation: Utilize automation to create movement and interest in your track. Automate parameters like volume, panning, and filter cutoff to add subtle variations and dynamic changes.
  2. Mastering: Once your track is complete, consider professional mastering to achieve a polished and commercially-ready sound. Mastering engineers can optimize the overall balance, loudness, and clarity of your track.

Tips for Using Brazilian Phonk Samples:

  • Experiment with layering: Combine different drum samples, melodies, and basslines to create unique and interesting textures.
  • Chop and pitch: Don't be afraid to chop and pitch your samples to create new rhythmic and melodic ideas.
  • Add your own flavor: Use effects and processing to personalize your samples and give them a unique character.
  • Get inspired: Listen to popular Brazilian Phonk tracks to understand how producers utilize samples effectively.

Next Steps

  • Browse our Brazilian Phonk sample collection and start creating.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide to use Sample Focus loops effectively.
  • Experiment with the Brazilian Phonk drum kit to build your own rhythmic foundations.
  • Get inspired by popular Brazilian Phonk tracks and develop your own unique sound.
  • Share your creations!

Final Words

Brazilian Phonk samples offer a unique and vibrant way to add flavor to your music. Explore the diverse sounds and techniques of this genre to create your own Phonk masterpieces.


  • Explore Brazilian Phonk samples and discover their diverse sounds and techniques.
  • Use Brazilian Phonk samples to add a unique and vibrant flavor to your music.
  • Create your own Brazilian Phonk masterpieces by incorporating the genre's distinctive elements.